Google Chrome Best Browser for PCUsing Google chrome make browsing experience more easy than you think


Google Chrome Best Browser for PC

How to Download and install Google chrome on your devices.

Looking for a secure browser and reliable, I will like to recommend google chrome for PC or even on your mobile devices like Android, nothing is a

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  • Looking for a secure browser and reliable, I will like to recommend google chrome for PC or even on your mobile devices like Android, nothing is as simple as having a secure browsing experience whenever you are connected to the internet.

Google chrome for pc, download google chrome for pc and enjoy

Google Chrome was developed by Google and it was first released in 2008 for Windows PC. Later It was deployed into other OS like Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS; it’s the main engine of the chrome Os laptops “Chromebook” where all your packages run on the web.

Chrome has been an open source code and also a project of the Chromium open source; because of this many popular browsers are also using the chrome source code to develop their own browser. Browsers like UC browser and Opera are developed with the Chromium open source and that is why you see them looks alike or use the same plugin and extension.

Features of Google Chrome

  1. Automatic language translation; This is another part of the Google browser that makes it more friendly, everybody loves to read something in a language they understand, that is why google chrome was the best for you when you want to read a webpage in a language you understand.
  2. Synchronisation; With google chrome, you can easily synchronize your data, browser history, saved passwords, settings and more from one pc to another or even from your pc to your mobile devices, only sign into your google account with all the device.
  3. Standard web page view; You will have visited a website and you see them recommending you a browser to view the content of the site, when you are using google chrome you don’t have any problem for checking on that because it is compatible with over 1 million websites.
  4. Great user interface; Chrome user interface is friendly with every user, its information is not hidden for anyone to be looking for how to get over it, but it’s very easy that it only needs the ability to read and understands

Using of Chrome of Extension and Apps

  1. Plugins; The Google chrome plugins also work like extensions. You can do more than just browsing on your google chrome browser. You may want to install a video player into your system but, when you have google chrome you only need to install some plugin like adobe flash player.
  2. Chrome Apps; Using chrome apps is one of the best things that make it better to all other browsers, with google chrome apps you can install apps from the chrome store and use them offline for any reason you installed it for. You can install apps like Google sheets which work like the common excel, Google documents, and some other third-party apps
  3. Google chrome for pc extension; With Google chrome for pc extension you can extend the capabilities of your chrome browser by installing some extension that will make your work fast or move efficiently. There are thousands of extension in the chrome store where you can buy a paid extension of even get some extension for free.

Google Chrome Securities

  1. Security; this came first as this is what everyone who browse the internet needs. With google chrome, your securities are sure because one of the browsers main aim is to secure the users. Chrome can easily detect a phishing website or a site that will still your credit card information
  2. Malware blocking and adware blocking; You can block pop-ups and pop-under with chrome browser and enjoy your browsing without unwanted ads disturbing you.
  3. Incognito mode; It’s my favorite part of every browser because I don’t like to leave a trace on a stranger’s laptop. Therefore I use incognito mode to access websites on a friend laptop or cyber cafe; so that whenever I close the app, nobody will be able to track whatever I have done in the browser.

How to install Google ChromeDownload and install google chrome for pc and enjoy a speedy browsing experience on your device

Install Google Chrome for PC

  1. To install google chrome, download its file from google chrome website
  2. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions

NOTE: The installation instructions depend on your PC OS

Install Google Chrome for Android

  1. Open play store on your mobile phone.
  2. Search for Chrome and then click on install.

Install Chrome for iOS

  1. Open your iTunes store on your device.
  2. Search for chrome and install.

After installation, you can use the comment section to tell us your experience.

You can also tell us any browser you think it’s the best for the comment section we will be glad.

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