How to Stream on YouTube Live with Webcam

Becoming a live video content presenter has been easier since the introduction of YouTube webcam live streaming.

You can now make a youtube live stream from your laptop camera, simple and easy to follow.

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YouTube has become the people recent television where they watch all latest happenings and event. People watch movies, footballs, events, even some watch the footage of webcams through YouTube.

Many people wanted to be a program host by hosting their own program themselves but the cost of a camera has restricted them from achieving their desired goals.

A lot of new programs has evolved through the use of YouTube, a program like LindaIkeji TV, Cool Breeze TV and some other internet programs. This may be your own dream too, you may want to start your own TV programme from the internet by using YouTube as a media, then this is for you.

What is Live Streaming?

Live is the transmit or receive of live video and audio coverage of an event or performance over the internet from a computer; therefore, with live streaming, you can become a program presenter just like you see on terrestrial TV stations.

What can I stream live?

What to stream depends on your interest, so I can’t really say what your choice of program is. Some people broadcast their games through their pc by live streaming it on their Windows 10 system.

How to start a live stream with webcam

  1. Go to YouTube live stream website by clicking here
  2. Enter the live stream title
  3. select to make it public or just anyone with a link
  4. Allow the website to have access to your webcam

You can add advanced options to the streaming by clicking the more options

Advance setting of youtube live stream with webcam

After setting the information on the page shown above then you click next to capture your live stream video preview image.

Preview page of youtube live stream with webcam

After the preview, you can now click on go live to start you live streaming

live streaming from a webcam made easy with youtube live stream

The test of going live from a webcam.

After the end of the recording of your program, then you can easily click on the end stream to end the streaming

After clicking the end stream button then your analytics of the video will show up telling you how people interact with your live streamed video

You can make some money by monetizing your live stream with google AdSense or even start having some sponsored products if your program is interesting and gain more viewers.


I am open to advise, tips and recommendation. Therefore, I will like to have your view on this through the comment section below.



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