Top 5 Most Profitable Business you Can Do in Your room

This is how i make money from my comfort zones and which i believe you can also use to make a change into your life.

Making money in this recent years has been so easy than how people think it is, with just ₦10,000 (25 Dollars) you can make money from the corner of y

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Making money in this recent years has been so easy than how people think it is, with just ₦10,000 (25 Dollars) you can make money from the corner of your room. There are many profitable businesses that can make you a minimum of ₦1,000,000 (3000 Dollars plus) per annum and even such amount of money in a month depending on how you start your business.

Can I really make money from the corner of my room?

This has been the question that has set many people backward in the recent years and this may still set many people back again if this question is not answered here. In this century, many people now have friends only on the internet and this is just a simple way to say you can make a friend from your room and same is making money from the corner of your room.

Little attention is given to making money from home because a lot of people don’t know that is possible and even simple than they think of. Every business has a shop or where they sell their items and with the internet you also have your own shop and business running.

NOTE: This is a practical work of making money from home, so if you are not going to practice it then, stop reading.

Profitable Businesses you Can do from Home

Below is the list of business you can do from home

1. Blogging

Blogging is the most simplest way to make money from the corner of your room without stress

Managing a blog has been what many people are doing in the recent years and they are making it big and achieving many things even the white collar job workers are not acquiring in a short time. Blogging has made many young people become an authority in some field because they have done an extensive work to give their readers the best information in a sequential order.

How does Blogger make Money?

Many people think blogger is making money from their data, they even think bloggers are working with the network providers to make money from their cost of data, the answer is CAPITAL NO

Bloggers make money from various ways which are not limited to the list in this post because many bloggers have more than 5 ways of making money from the internet or from the corner of their room.

For the sake of this post, I will only mention two main ways.

  1. Advertisement: This is also called ads where a company will put their advertisement on the blogger’s blog and pay them for the ads.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing has been the surest way for many bloggers than the ads. bloggers can earn as much as possible from the affiliate marketing than the advertisement.


Freelancing has helped many young people around the world to make a living fromt he corner of their room

Freelancing is another type of way people earn big money from their comfort zone and live big in the society. Freelancing is when you work for people based on a particular charge, many websites are now on the internet serving as an intermediary between the freelancer and the project owner.

Fiverr, Upwork and some other websites are serving as the intermediary on the internet for people to connect with project owners and the freelancers. You can also search google for more.

What can I do as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you have a thousand and one things you can do and make money from the internet, depending on what you can do best and probably your field of study may also work in this way.

For this post, I will just list 5 things you can do on the internet as a freelancer and earn

  1. Writing: You can be writing for people who need a write-up and or blog post and earn some dollars into your account.
  2. Photography: As photography is becoming what many people do both continuously and uncourteously you can also make money from it by helping some firms snap what they need in your environment and earn some dollar in the corner of your room. What you can snap varies from human being to animals and plant or even the weather and the good news is you can even use your mobile phone if you have a good phone
  3. Graphics Design: Designing a graphic is one of the most profitable freelancing business you can do and earn some money into your account. This requires knowledge in graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and some other software that can do the design.
  4. Voice Over: You can start doing voice over for a video and make money into your account from the corner of your room without stress. Some firms have a video they have designed and needed who can help them do the voice-over on the video for a price which you can also do and make money.
  5. Business name Suggestions: You can start making business name suggestion for those who want to start a new business and then you make your money in a short period of time.

3. Social Media Management

Many young people make money for helping other to manage their social media accounts

Have you ever wondered, the president is using social media and he is always responding to issues? Do you ever use the social media to complain or contact customer services of a company before? If yes, then this is what you too can do and make money.

You work for the politicians, companies, celebrities, and anybody who you think can use social media to communicate with his audience, you can learn from these 6 brands and how the social network has helped them to gain some inspiration on how to start something.

4. Sell Old Stuff to Buy Old

Sell of your old items and buy another one to sell

You are wondering what sell old to buy old means?

Yes i know what you are thinking but I mean what exactly what you read now, you can sell off your old phone, laptops, and some other gadgets even books and make some money, but this may not work for many people since they still need their items, therefore they word sell old to buy old is useful.

Go to the classified websites and sell off your old things and then search for a cheaper one of the same item to buy, remember we are buying to resell again, therefore, we are making it a business and we sell off our old item to generate incomes to start the business. If you have a capital you can start that and make money or you even move to the higher level which is mini importation.

5. Domain Flipping

Flip a domain and make money with ease in your room

Domain flipping is another way many people make a quick cash from the internet. They buy expired domains and they sell it back to the owner or the new user of the domain. With this making money is easy but domain flipping needs some tips which I will recommend you to read these tips to generate profit on domain flipping.

Buying a domain is cheaper than selling it back to its potential users that is why you see that when you search for your desired domain on your registrar portal you hardly find the best domain you needed for the business you want to do reading how to earn your income from domain names will be a great help for you.

You can also mention some business you do in your comfort zone in the comment section below

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