How To Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos with simple trick without using any hard to use youtube video downloaders. Read More

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Download YouTube videos instead of watching them on YouTube directly and save yourself time and also the ability to watch over and over again. While you are watching a nice video on youtube you may have been thinking of how to download such video for future use or mostly for the offline viewing which will save you a lot of data.

Downloading YouTube Videos Gives You The Opportunity To Watch Over And Over Again

How To Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos
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Don’t tell anyone that Oworock told you how to download youtube videos, just let them see you enjoying the youtube videos offline without data.

1 Goto search for the video you want to download

Search YouTube for the videos you want to download and get to the page where the youtube videos are playing

2 While on the page of the video, take a look at the URL. You will the link like the picture below

Screenshot-from-2018-08-09-18-19-33 3
Check the link of the video and make sure it was like this.

3 After getting the link to the video, the next thing to do is to download the youtube video. To download youtube video, add .oworock to the link in the way it is quoted below

Make sure you add .OWOROCK between youtube and .com to make it look like in the quoted message above.

Screenshot-from-2018-08-09-18-19-33 4
Remove the www or m. if on mobile in the address to make it work

4 After adding the name to it; it will take you to where to download the youtube video you want to download. Then you only need to choose the type of format you want to download your youtube video with and then you are good to go.

Screenshot-from-2018-08-09-18-19-33 5

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Download YouTube Videos from YouTube App

If you are using the YouTubeGo app or the normal youtube applications for any device, then you can still download your youtube video with ease.

  1. Open your YouTube application and then search for the video you want to download
  2. While on the video, check for the share button then share to copy to clipboard
  3. Then go to
  4. Paste the link you copy in step 2 and then press enter on your phone.
  5. Choose the type of download you want to use then you are done