How to place adsense and sponsor ads on blogs

Learn how to place ads on your blog with simple steps in this tutorial, you can easily make direct ads show on your blog. Placing ads on your blog can make you boost your earnings on your blog. Read and enjoy.

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Placing ads on your blog may have been the hardest thing you are facing now, or you may have seen someone who wants to place ads on your blog but you don’t know how to go about it. In this post, I will take you through the process if placing ads on your blog without any stress or ambiguity.

You may be using blogger or even WordPress for your blog, but facing the problem of how to place your Google AdSense code into your blog or even you have ads from your sponsors and want to place it on your blog. Sit and read how you can place ads on your blog with ease.

How to place Google ads on blogger blogs

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard, and click on the Layout 
  2. After clicking on that then you can proceed to click on add widget where you will need to add any type of ads you want to add to your blog. Remember that you can move the widget to any section of your blog, be it the sidebar or even the header section.
  3. Then click on AdSense if you want to add AdSense to your blog from the same google account
  4. Then you  can now set the color and the size you want here to match your blog content, remember responsive will show on all devices while other if not well placed may mar your design
  5. If you want to use a custom code you copied from another ad network, or you even have HTML code or JavaScript for ads you want to place on your blog then use this widget
  6. In this box is the section to place your ad code, the first box which is the title is meant for the name of the ad on your front end, this may be left empty. The second box is the box for the HTML or JavaScript code for the ad on your blog, if you insert it here it will show up on your blog
  7. If you want to add a sponsored ad on your blog, which is also known as direct ads, then this is where you can put this. Just get your image ready with the design you want and also the size must be well placed on your blog so that it will make it look appealing to your readers class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-2248″ src=”” alt=”” width=”562″ height=”599″ />
  8. This is the last stage in putting a sponsored or direct ads on your blog. After you have designed the image and you have clicked on the image widget, you get the page below Just in few steps you can have ads showing on your blog and you can boost your profits on your blog and also you can learn how guests posts can boost your blog.

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