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How To Check Voters Card Availability

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In just some days, Nigerians will decide who will take them on the journey of another 4 years. The Nigeria general election is coming up in 85 days from the time of this update.

This is where Nigerians will decide in the #NigeriaDecide2019 election and choose who will be their President, Governors, Senators and the Representatives in each zones.

Why You  Must Vote

As a Good Nigerian, you need to practice your franchise and vote for whoever you need to vote for in the coming election and don’t be fooled by vote buying.

  • Your vote is your right and power in the government
  • A vote is enough to make your candidate win the election
  • With a vote, you have a say in the government

Where how do I know if I am eligible

To check your eligibility to vote in the coming election, you need to have registered in the previous registration window.

If you have registered, then, good luck you can now check if your registration is successful and eligible to vote.

Follow the steps below

  1. Visit on your browser
  2. The following page will pop up 
The dashboard of inec voters checker

Select the best one you can want from the options below

Choose the best for you

In the case of this update I chose the Check status using date of birth function because I don’t have my temporary voters card with me as I type.

Supply the information as required

Then you are done, the next page will tell you if you are eligible and where you will be voting as you will see the information below.

Voters Registration checker




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