Blogging Tools: Reaching Your Readers Through Email

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Blogging Tools: Reaching Your Readers Through Email

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Blog in a box of diceHow can bloggers reach readers? The primary tool that bloggers need today is, of course, email. Email subscribers, email list, so to say. Because email makes for communication with your readers much deeper. Because if you think about who is your audience, when they come to your website, to your blog tweet, you really only have seven seconds to catch their attention. If they like your content, if they like your blog posts, they read it, what do they do next? Maybe they read another article, another post, maybe a few more and they leave.

Many people, many bloggers, they have this mistake I see do this mistake basically. On their blog, they do not have a very simple way to catch their reader’s email addresses, which is really a must. In the old days, RSS readers were very important tools for bloggers to communicate with each other, to keep in touch, to read.

Today, email is the primary communication tool, of course. You want to have an option to catch your readers email so that later, you could send updates from your blog and other important information, relevant and useful information. Of course, we do not want to spam people because spamming is not allowed in today’s overcrowded bloggers fair.

Really, what you’re doing is, you’re marketing your blog but you have the permission from your friendship to send valuable and useful and relevant content to them. They voluntarily enter an email address in their specific field. Perhaps in exchange for some free gift that you design in advance. Maybe a free report, free audio, free audio. Basically, an important article that you wrote that is relevant and useful for them.

You could also think about creating a mini-course for free for them, in exchange for their email. This works great. Of course, they would be really happy to receive this information from you. Then you in exchange, you will have the ability to contact them later on with your blog post updates and other important messages that you want to market to them.




We never spam, we hate it too.

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