Step-by-Step How to Control Who Add You to WhatsApp Group Chat

The Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is rolling a new WhatsApp feature that will allow you to select who can add you to a WhatsApp group ch

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The Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is rolling a new WhatsApp feature that will allow you to select who can add you to a WhatsApp group chat. This new feature is also available for WhatsApp Business

How to choose who can add you to whatsapp groups. Whatsapp group chat restriction logo

This new feature is to curb the privacy issue that the communication company have been battling with for a while and also to put an end to fake news which comes majorly through the WhatsApp groups chat.

In the past, many users of this platform can just find out they belong to many groups which they don’t even have an interest in joining in the first instance. But now with the new feature of the app, a user can choose who can add him to a WhatsApp group chat from the presets.

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Who can add you to WhatsApp group chat?

The list of people that can add you to the WhatsApp group is endless before the new feature. With the new feature on the messaging app, you can select from the three main preset that can add you to a group.

  1. Your contact: These are people who saved your contact and also you saved theirs on your device. These people are majorly those who you know and who is believed to have something important to communicate over to you. They can be from your school, working place and or any organization you belong to.
  2. Everyone: This is almost the same thing like the normal stage we are now where anybody can wake up and add you to a group chat you have no knowledge of. This is not a secure one though, but for one reason or the other, you may want this type of settings.
  3. Nobody: This is the most secure way of not allowing anyone to add you to a WhatsApp group chats. Although, some people may find it important and some may not it all depends on how you want to use your social messaging application called WhatsApp.

When someone adds you while you have made a restriction to who can add you to group chats on WhatsApp, then the person will receive a notification and be asked to send you the group link which you can then decide if to join the group chat or not. The best decision is always yours in this position.

How to set who can add me to the WhatsApp group chat

To setup who can add you to group chats, then you need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and then activate the privacy from there.

Don’t forget that recently WhatsApp also limit the maximum number of people you can forward a message to five recipients per message. The chatting application also has sponsored millions of dollars campaign on how to identify fake news on WhatsApp and how to stop the spreading of such news.

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