How to Remove All WooCommerce Product Instantly

Deleting all woocommerce product may be a tedious thing to do when you are having thousands of products on your store. Read and learn how to delete all woocommerce products in a click.

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I was working on a woocommerce website and which already has over 1000 products and variables making a total of 12000 products. I need to redesign and also categorize the products on the platform to a new one.

While i was doing this, i thought of using the database query to remove the products but also i think of if there is a mistake, what if there is other items like page post and widgets that is saved in the database table where the products are saving

Then i did a backup of my database which is already around 500mb of tables and data. After this i still keep thinking of what to do or how to do it to avoid downtime and also to make sure that i did not delete necessary files too.

If you are in this shoe, then i have find a better way to remove all WooCommerce products on your store with just a button and then you are with a clean WooCommerce store again and you can start importing your items back into the store.

How to delete all woocommerce product with just one click

How to remove all WooCommerce product

  1. Make a backup of your database: To back up your database, login into your control panel and then search on PhpMyAdmin, Click on it and locate the database you want to back up then select all the tables and click export in the button below all the tables.
  2. Login into your WooCommerce dashboard and click on add plugin
  3. Search for the plugin WooCommerce Remove All Products
  4. Install and activate the plugin
  5. Find the menu entry ‘Remove All Products’ under ‘WooCommerce’ menu
  6. Your WooCommerce store now has an easy way to remove all products

With the steps above, just leave your browser and the page open as it will delete all the products in your store.

NOTE: This action can not be undo, therefore, take caution before doing it and also do a complete database backup to be on a saver side.

If you know another way we can delete all woocommerce products without crashing the store design and other articles on the website, then use the comment box below to make a comment on it.

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