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Tech News: Destiny 2 revives Unsuitable Juju Unfamiliar in new quest – Polygon

With the July 9 reset, Destiny 2 players found the first steps to a quest for Bad Juju. Bad Juju was a fan-favorite Exotic pulse rifle in the original

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Tech News:
With the July 9 reset, Destiny 2 gamers chanced on the first steps to a quest for Unsuitable Juju. Unsuitable Juju used to be a fan-favourite Unfamiliar pulse rifle within the distinctive Destiny, exclusively known for regenerating gamers’ Huge skills as they get more kills.
This new quest for Unsuitable Juju in Destiny 2 used to be first chanced on through recordsdata mining when Season of Opulence first started. Now that the Tribute Hall scrape is out within the game, gamers relish chanced on the brand new Unfamiliar.
Gamers can delivery the

quest in Calus’ Tribute Hall. There they are able to delivery the “Various Facet” mission by coming into an Ascendant Realm positioned within the Leviathan. This mission appears very linked to “The Insist” mission (outdated to free up Insist of the Worm) and “Zero Hour” (outdated to free up Outbreak Perfected).
The Destiny 2 version of Unsuitable Juju has a transformed perk called String of Curses, where kills top off the magazine and amplify wound. Unsuitable Juju moreover grants Huge vitality in step with the preference of stacks of String of Curses.

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