Tech News: The Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t work with all USB-C cables – TechCrunch


Tech News: The Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t work with all USB-C cables – TechCrunch

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a great little beast, but Tyler Ward identified a flaw in the USB Type-C connector. The Raspberry Pi Foundation confirmed to Tec

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Tech News:

The Raspberry Pi 4 is an unlimited microscopic beast, but Tyler Ward acknowledged a flaw in the USB Model-C connector. The Raspberry Pi Basis confirmed to TechRepublic that the create flaw is real, and that your Raspberry Pi 4 might maybe no longer work with all USB-C cables.
It’s no longer in actuality a dealbreaker, but probabilities are you’ll maybe maybe maybe query a future board revision with a actual implementation of the USB-C protocol. But in case you look for your self scratching your head and you don’t mark why your Raspberry Pi isn’t any longer powering up, now why.
The Raspberry Pi Basis has released the schematics of the board. And there’s a missing CC resistor that enable refined chargers negotiate latest with the instrument.
On condition that USB-C is an advanced connector, some cables are electronically marked, which procedure that they’ve an built-in chip to toughen a extensive assortment of devices.
Shall we negate, probabilities are you’ll maybe maybe maybe convey a MacBook Skilled charger with quite quite a

bit of USB-C devices. The charger pretty figures out how mighty energy it wishes to negate.
However the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t enhance electronically marked cables, such as Apple’s USB-C cables or Google’s Pixel 3 cables. The instrument is incorrectly acknowledged as an audio adapter accessory.
Fortunately, it doesn’t wretchedness the Raspberry Pi 4 and it doesn’t place any fireplace hazard. The instrument pretty doesn’t energy up.
“I query this might occasionally be fixed in a future board revision, but for now customers will must put collectively one of many advised workarounds. Or no longer it is comely this did not represent up in our (rather intensive) field attempting out program,” Raspberry Pi Basis founder Eben Upton told TechRepublic.
A straightforward workaround is to take care of a non e-marked cable or charger. The Raspberry Pi Basis is selling an $8 USB-C charger as an illustration. In my attempting out, it has been working dazzling for the past couple of weeks.




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