Tech News: Ubisoft places kibosh on Assassin’s Creed XP-farming exploit – Gamasutra


Tech News: Ubisoft places kibosh on Assassin’s Creed XP-farming exploit – Gamasutra

Ubisoft is changing how Story Creator Mode works in Assassin's Creed Odyssey to prevent the spread of XP-laden 'farming quests.' The narrative tool wa

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Tech News:
Ubisoft is changing how Account Creator Mode works in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to live the spread of XP-encumbered ‘farming quests.’

The account tool used to be unveiled support in June, and permits gamers to make and share their bask in quests with a diversity of needs, customized tales, and outlandish dialogue. 

Even supposing some former the tool as intended, a lovely few soon realized they would possibly create quickfire quests that will dish out a bounty of ride parts upon completion. It be a workaround that allowed gamers to instant stage up their in-recreation characters with dinky to no effort.

Ubisoft claims these quests risk “jeopardizing the final quality, integrity, and function of Account Creator Mode and finally ends up in much less visibility for the creative, attention-grabbing and albeit implausible neighborhood tales which were published.”

As a consequence, the Ubisoft is engaged on a diversity of fixes and adjustments that will

reduce support the impact of farming quests on the player ride, and will most certainly be changing Account Creator Mode’s phrases of expend to live creators from publishing these sorts of quests altogether. 

“XP farming quests is no longer going to appear in our automated advice draw — this comprises the Hall of Popularity and the trending share,” said Ubisoft in a forum put up, detailing the work-in-growth adjustments.

“Tales that are reported for exploitation or dishonest will doubtless be hidden entertaining forward, and our phrases of expend will doubtless be up to this level to copy the misuse of the tool. We are in a position to also be sanctioning americans that proceed to willingly and intentionally misuse the tool, and would possibly merely focal level on to put into effect extra solutions with upcoming title updates.”


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