5 Simple Step to Backup MySQL Database Without Error

Backup your MySQL database in 5 DIY steps.

To backup MySQL Database might be rigorous at times especially, if you never did it before, or if you are using Cpanel for the very first time. M

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To backup MySQL Database might be rigorous at times especially, if you never did it before, or if you are using Cpanel for the very first time.

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. Its name is a combination of “My”, the name of co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter, and “SQL”, the abbreviation for Structured Query Language.

MySQL is one of the most used database in the world after Oracle and it powers majority of the Small and Medium Enterprise websites. Using MySQL is simple as you can be easily familiar with the User Interface of the MySQL.

Steps to backup MySQL Database

Step 1

Login into your cpanel account using your cpanel login details given to you by your hosting provider. You can try Bluehost for unlimited hosting.

To get your cpanel login dashboard, kindly visit YourDomainName.com/cpanel and you will see the panel like the image below

Cpanel Login Page
Cpanel Login Dashboard

Step 2

After login into your cpanel, you can search for phpMyAdmin or scroll down to the tab where we have databases, in this tab, you can work on your databases, this includes MySQL database and any other database type in your hosting account.

Click on the phpMyAdmin as shown in the image below

Cpanel Dashboard, click on the phpMyAdmin to enter into your database
Select phpMyAdmin.

Step 3

After clicking phpMyAdmin, your database will open in the next tab, here you will the dashboard to your MySQL databases. Here you can easily select the database you want to backup.

Select Your Database Name

Your list of database will be available in the left side of the of your phpMyAdmin. From the list, you can easily choose the MySQL database you want to backup.

Step 4

After clicking the mySQL database you want to backup, you will see the list of tables in your database.

As shown in the image above, kindly click on the check all as the arrow shown above and followed by clicking the drop down next to it.

Select the Export to backup MySQL database

Backup MySQL Database with the export button.
Backup MySQL database with the export button above

Step 5

On the next page of after clicking the export button, you will have a page as shown below, just click GO to backup MySQL database

Remember you need to keep this copy of the backup save from third parties as the whole information about your website is kept there. Any exposure may put your website at the risk of hacking.

If you are able to backup your MySQL database with this step, kindly give comment on how simple or hard it was for you. Also, if you have more simple way to do backup MySQL database then kindly drop the comment below, you may be helping the next reader.


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