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HAPPY NEW MONTHWelcome to the month of love, the unique month in the year.We celebrate youIn the month of January, we have many readers

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Welcome to the month of love, the unique month in the year.

We celebrate you

In the month of January, we have many readers going to about 20,000 according to our analytics, but out of the 20,000 readers. We are here to celebrate those who drop a comment on our blog.

We are saying happy new month to you all and we appreciate dropping a comment on Oworock Blog your comment means a lot to us and it shows that our effort is appreciated by our readers.

Most of our comment was on how to make money as a student and Advance straight forward tips for SEO ranking

Total Comments on this blog in January 2020

  1. Freedygistfree dropped 1 comment
  2. Woperola made 1 comment
  3. Abolaji Adewale Obileye made 1 comment
  4. Bidemi dropped 1 comment
  5. Orekoya Ifedolapo made 1 comment

We have 5 comment authors with 5 comments in the month of January

Why we celebrate comment authors

As part of the new year resolution of we have deemed it fit to celebrate our monthly readers with a link back to them.

This will be a token of appreciation from us to them, we believe everybody needs to be appreciated and we are doing now.

We will keep celebrating our people in this new year. Happy New Month