COVID-19: Powerful Top 5 Apps to Boost Stay at Home Lockdown

Coronavirus also, is known as COVID-19 has caused a global shut down of many economies, this includes the developing and developed countries of the w

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Coronavirus also, is known as COVID-19 has caused a global shut down of many economies, this includes the developing and developed countries of the world. Since it has affected many businesses and also physical contact due to stopping the gathering of people to limit the spread of the virus, there is a need for the use of virtual meetings and gatherings.

Why This App during COVID-19 Stay at home lockdown?

Since many businesses are on halt, many families are indoor and limitations are placed on movement, there is a need to find alternative to our daily routine and make a best out of this pandemic period.

This apps are apps that can boots your productivity, relationship and also entertain you while you are indoor.


WhatsApp helps you connect with old and new friends during this COVID-19 Lockdown

WhatsApp is the number one on the list as it has received more users since the beginning of the pandemic. WhatsApp is a social messaging application that helps you to communicate with your families, friends, colleagues, and customers.

With WhatsApp you can communicate with people around the world through voice and video calls, this can boost your relationship with people despite not leaving your room.

Advantages of WhatsApp during this COVID-19 Stay at home lockdown

Free voice and video calls to everyone (your service provider may charge you for data)

WhatsApp Status, this can serve as mini television as people shared text and video information through their status.

Group Voice and Video calls, with group voice and video call, you can communicate with up to four people at a go in a video or audio conferencing.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok covid-19 stay at home powerful apps

Tik Tok is a global video community where many people called creators to share interesting videos about what is going in their community, comedies, news and some interesting videos that can keep you busy during this pandemic period.

Advantage of Tik Tok during COVID-19 Stay at home lockdown

Tik Tok helps your health by giving you more reason to laugh during this pandemic, with Tik Tok, you get comedies at your fingertip and laugh out your sorrow.

Learn Do It Yourself (DIY) of important things like hand sanitizer, face mask, gloves, home use materials and even learn new delicacies to keep your family together.

Starting your own Vlog. Staying at home this time can make you become the next celebrity in your area of interest by sharing information with people who may need it through video blogging. This can be monetize later on.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM cloud meetings Covid-19 stay at home lockdown apps

Are you a small or large business owner, you have problem with this global shutdown? Then ZOOM is here to help you connect with your staffs, colleague and people who matters to you in a video conferencing.

With ZOOM Cloud Meetings, you have a freedom of meeting your partners or staff from their comfort zone while you are in your own comfort zone too.

If you are from a family of more than four where WhatsApp Video calling will not be good for you, then you can opt for ZOOM as you can have up to a hundred members during the call.

Advantage of ZOOM during COVID-19 shutdown

Communicate with your staff from their comfort zone and enjoy fast screen sharing, full sharing of official documents through Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files.

Be more productive during the COVID-19 lockdown, while you conduct online classes either for your school or for conferences.

House Party

House Party social face to face video calling. Connect with friends in this pandemic period.

Like the name, House Party is an app used for video group chat where participants connect with each other and communicate face-to-face. This app is almost like ZOOM but a bit different because it is a social network where you get notifications when your neighbour is online to make a video chat with.

The app is around 22mb and with great function and clear video that helps you see your neighbour like a real house party.

COVID-19 did not let you move out of your house, why don’t you connect with people that matter why in the COVID-19 lockdown till the pandemic comes to an end with these applications.

5th Powerful App to aide productivity during coronavirus pandemic.

Everybody is glued to their television and news since the outbreak of Coronavirus before the stay at home become more serious. Since the stay at home is now becoming serious as a better way to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Then, the fifth app to help the COVID-19 lockdown more productive depends on individuals who are using the apps.

The apps varies from what age the user is and what purpose the user want to get from the Coronavirus lockdown.

As a student, apps that boost brains like academic games, reading apps, and learning apps can be the best for them. While parents may need entire different apps to enjoy their stay at home.




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