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Oworock Blog is one of the most visited blogs in West Africa and even in Africa at large, we have coverage in many African countries and we are still counting the number, this is a great opportunity for you to sponsor a post or even a banner on my blog and make a very high return on investment on your business with us.

Oworock blog alexa rank

Oworock Blog Alexa rank at the time of this post. Will be updated weekly click here for the updated one

There are various types of ads you can put on my blog and each of them convert very well for any business you want to advertise on Oworock Blog.

  1. Full background ads, this include the picture as a background of the whole blog and the link to your business, this type of ads is highly converted when you opt for it.
  2. In post background ads, this type of ads also works like the number one, but with a little difference of showing it only on the selected post on our blog.
  3. Post ads, this type of ads is also called a sponsored post, this ad will reach thousands of people immediately it is published on our blog, this type of ads will be delivered to our subscribers on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, push notification, email newsletter, google plus, WhatsApp and telegram within 5 minutes of posting the article. This ads also convert quickly.
  4. Banner ads, this type of ads is an ad that will convert based on how catchy the banner is and also gives the reader of my blog the memory to remember always, what they see they remember therefore they will easily remember the ads even when they don’t click on them on my blog, they will still remember them later and check on your business.

Oworock Blog alexa ranking

How to long do ads take on my blog?

  1. All banner ads and background ads are temporary, they will only be available for the number of weeks the advertiser paid for, and this can be a week, a month or even a year. The best will be given to any chosen one.
  2. All sponsored post or post ads as called above will stay forever on my blog and will never be deleted. This type of ads will give your business a do follow link and a search engine optimization for your business. Your business will be reliable when a customer searches the internet and found a useful post about your business.

How to Place ads on Oworock Blog

To place ads on Oworock blog, please send a mail to [email protected] and within few hours you will be contacted.