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Google’s Pixel 4 is coming on October 15th and tons of information about the device has already been leaked. However, pricing details have been both s [...]
Developer Granzella is making R-Type Final 2, the follow-up to 2003’s incorrectly named R-Type Final for PlayStation 2, thanks to a successful crowdfu [...]
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company) Pokemon Sword and Shield art director James Turner gave us a sneak peek of Galar a few days back, showing off "how [...]
Continuing in the grand tradition of Google smartphones being leaked to the moon and back before launch, Best Buy Canada put the final nail in Google' [...]
Nvidia is “kicking off an exciting new game remastering program” with the intention of updating classic PC games to enable ray tracing and support the [...]
Jay Leno is probably one of the most famous car collectors in the world. Anyone who knows anything about old cars knows about Leno’s insane car collec [...]
Samsung makes good, underrated smartwatches. It’s just been difficult to get much attention in a category so utterly dominated by a single player. Eve [...]
Following reports in August that Samsung is set to pursue development of OLED televisions, The Korea Herald this week reports that the company’s Samsu [...]
This family-hauler looks and sounds the part thanks to an aggressive stance, unique aesthetic touches, and over 700 horsepower.R/T Life via YouTubeFia [...]
He took 3D-printing to the next level. Everyone wants to drive a Lamborghini, but not everyone’s dad is able to build them one. Sterling Backus has be [...]
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