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'Destiny 2: The Collection' will be the first free game on Stadia. Credit: Stadia/Bungie Several months ago, Google’s Stadia event motivated a good de [...]
Amazon Amazon Prime Day has started, and there are loads of deals to be had on a ton of tech goodies. You’re also in for a treat if you need microSD c [...]
If you were intrigued by the world of Sekiro but put off by the game’s difficulty, this mod by the appropriately-named Tender Box is exactly what you [...]
Respawn Entertainment, in its continuing fight against cheaters and spammers in Apex Legends, will soon match them up against each other to prevent th [...]
Yes, the Switch Lite is coming in September for $200. But if you still want a big screen and the ability to connect to a TV, the classic Switch is sti [...]
It is known to affect up to 25 million users in countries like US, UK and India Android users need to be careful of a malware threat that is affecting [...]
Graphic designer and marketer Sam Henri Gold has assembled an incredible archive of Apple’s promotional materials that stretches back to the 1970s, wh [...]
Google/YouTube Prime Day 2019 begins on July 15, and in response, Walmart (and plenty of other retailers) have launched competing mega-sales.One major [...]
Amazon included solid bargains on Blink XT2 indoor/outdoor security cameras along with other deals in its day-before-Prime-Day head start announcement [...]
The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a month away from its official launch, but we already know a great deal about it. Blurry pictures and renders have already b [...]
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