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Popular Twitch streamer Guy Beahm, better known by his streaming persona Dr. Disrespect, was banned from E3 after he streamed inside one of the conven [...]
Ahead of the public launch of Apple’s revamped suite of first-party apps on iOS 13, the company has rolled out a new version of its popular video edit [...]
Join us as we enter…the ScareScraper…for some spooky-fun co-op. If this looks fun, imagine what it’s like when you have up to 8 players together on on [...]
The first-person title takes place on a vibrant world called AR-Y 26. You play as a galaxy-trotting explorer for Kindred Aerospace, a company that is, [...]
Continuing Konami’s trend of 50th anniversary celebration compilations, Contra Anniversary Collection storms into battle with ten classic side scrolli [...]
It’s been four years since Square Enix first announced it was remaking beloved JRPG “Final Fantasy VII,” but in the past month we have gotten a new te [...]
Months away from the next Apple iPhone release, leaks suggest that whatever is around the corner may look a little…odd.A raft of rumors have given the [...]
The update's headline feature is undoubtedly the green screen effect -- something already widely available in other video editing apps, so it's about [...]
Buying your first property by age 30 is a more attainable goal than it sounds, even amidst today's high housing prices. There are three key steps aspi [...]
by Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 06/12/2019 02:13 PM | source: | 10 comment(s) At this year’s E3, LG is unveiling the new LG UltraGear Nano IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC [...]
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