Who doesn’t dream of making some easy money online?
Either as a side project, a second job or just a fun way to make money off your
hobby, earning some extra cash without it actually feeling like you’re doing a
lot of work is a great feeling.
So if it comes to it, make sure you know what apps to look
up in your attempt to supplement your monthly or yearly income. Also make sure
that you know how to improve what money you already bring in through better
promotion or, in case you work in an IT related field, through increased website monetization.
Slidejoy is a small little app that can help any user earns
an easy $10 to $15 each month by basically doing nothing. Just install and
replace your phone’s locked screen with an ad. No interaction required by the
App Trailers is another interesting way of making money if
you like to interact with your software. Simply install and watch as many
trailers as you want. Each trailer will earn you some points. The more trailers
you watch the more points and money you can make. This is a great way to make
some extra gas money, particularly if you have an inclination for news from the
IT field.
Survey on the Go is an app which will allow any user to make
up to $5 for each completed survey. The surveys aren’t particularly long so you
won’t waste more than a couple of minutes. You can access your money
immediately though PayPal.
Bookscouter will allow you to quickly sell all the old books
you will never use anymore. Just add the ISBN of the book and the app will find
clients for you. 

Viggle allows you to make some money on the side by actually
engaging with your favourite entertainment. Install and just listen or watch
what you want, and earn points for it.


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Owopetu Abiola is a seasoned blogger, internet marketer, social network expert, movie actor, a writer, a special educator and the lovers of the learners with special needs. He graduated from the University of Ibadan studying Special Education. He is currently a program director at Impactful Generational Leverage Organization (IGLO) an NGO.

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