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The most anticipated Big Brother Naija #BBNaija just kicked off today June 30th with new theme PEPPER THEM also written as Pepper Dem with another 21 [...]
Huawei Watch GT2 hands-on review: A classy smartwatch held back by its software “The Huawei Watch GT2's classy vibe gives it an upmarket feel, and the [...]
Borderlands 3 Credit: Gearbox SHiFT codes! They're a fun way for the contained world of Borderlands 3 to interact with the outside world, allowing Gea [...]
Celebrating Toyota's most important vehicle. The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser has hit sales of over 10 million units after being on sale for 68 conti [...]
The amazingly versatile USB-C port is more necessary than it’s ever been. From battery charging to ultra-fast data transfers, we’ve gotten used to USB [...]
Deepfake artist Hao Li, who created a Putin deepfake for an MIT conference this week, told CNBC on Friday that "perfectly real" manipulated videos are [...]
Browsing should get better with iOS 13. Angela Lang/CNET One of the biggest weaknesses of Apple's mobile Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad has bee [...]
Richard Yu, Huawei's consumer boss, had suggested a Google 'bootloader' workaround for the Mate 30. This has now been corrected. AFP/Getty ImagesThere [...]
Next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett will be a boon for Take-Two's developers, and shouldn't skyrocket development costs for key [...]
Fast on the heels of the launch of Apple Arcade, Amazon is jumping into mobile gaming with a free content promotion through its Prime membership. Much [...]
Image: ShutterstockGoogle removed two apps from the Google Play Store this week after it discovered they were serving adware to users. The apps, Sun P [...]
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