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Jenny Chisom
In the interview below, my response to the questions are represented by YOU
2015/9/6 23:17 – Jenny Chisom: Tell me about your adventure
with blogging
2015/9/6 23:37 – You: Blogging is a great thing i have
learnt from my secondary school days. Though i have never been to anybody to
teach me blogging but yet i have a boss who introduces me into it. Ayoola the
person that introduced blogging to me then in my final year in secondary school
is also a blogger now, but i don’t remember his blog address unless i contact
him. I start blogging with so many platforms like,, wapka and
some other blogging sites. After secondary school i proceed to computer
engineering training where i obtain diploma in computer engineering and i open
my first site. Fbquickstatus for users to update their Facebook via many apps
like blackberry and so on. But during all these i don’t even know that there is
a way to make money from blogging than the fact that am doing as part of what i
love to do.
2015/9/6 23:38 – You: As at today i have been making waves
by helping young bloggers in my little way
2015/9/6 23:50 – Jenny Chisom: Wow
2015/9/6 23:50 – Jenny Chisom: Great
2015/9/6 23:52 – Jenny Chisom: How did you start making
money from blogging?
2015/11/6 7:39 – You: I earn from affiliate marketing, that’s
major route to my online income.
2015/11/6 7:49 – You: I also earn from domain parking not until
when bodis refuse to pay me some little dollars which make me to dump them for
affiliate marketing alone.
2015/10/6 20:48 – Jenny Chisom: What kind of help do you
render to bloggers?
2015/11/6 7:51 – You: I help the young blogger in the area
of information about how to go with their blogs and at times i help them in
designing their blogs and also give them a hope that they should not give up. I
earn most of my incomes through this help as it builds my own trust in them.
2015/10/6 20:49 – Jenny Chisom: Do you think blogging can make
positive impact in Nigeria? How?
2015/11/6 7:58 – You: Blogging can make an impact in our
dear country for sure, i remember about a year plus ago when some bloggers were
detained in a particular country. The crews are called #Zone9bloggers and
almost for the whole period their name was trending on social media as a way of
making it clear that they were innocence of what they were detained for.
Likewise the Aljazeera staffs. Why that info is that if all the bloggers in
Nigeria are taking blogging as a great job, as field and not just as a copy and
paste blogger they the future of Nigerian blogger will be brighter than the
2015/11/6 8:05 – You: Blogging can also make more impact in
Nigeria if all our university teachers and other higher institutions can make
the topic more interesting in class of learning. I remember when i was in my
200 Level in University of Ibadan, i was shocked to see blogging in my GES 201
course outline and all the time i always feel happy to learn something new from
the course but i was disappointed not to have enough time for the course as it
was an area where i have been longing to learn in the classroom setting.
2015/11/6 8:08 – You: So i believe if every students are
given the orientation that every information they acquired from the search
engines are piled up by someone like them than to believe that Google is master
of knowledge then i believe that we can start to have a great invention from
our ICT and students who blog.
2015/11/6 8:09 – Jenny Chisom: Wow…so great to know
2015/10/6 20:49 – Jenny Chisom: What is your blog about?
2015/11/6 8:18 – You: I have moved to different niche and
drop them after a while because i discover that every niche have a time on its
own to make some research, which i don’t have as a part time blogger. Now i
just went back to my 2013 blog which is on tech when i discover that whenever i
still search for some info from the internet i get my blog as a reference in
the search result. This make me to think that i will have been more resourceful
if i put all my help in the internet for people to access than teaching one
person. I also discover that a blog that 
gives information like wiki still show us some info of over 5 year plus
and they are still relevant so i quickly open back my old blog and drop others
2015/11/6 8:19 – Jenny Chisom: Oh nice
2015/11/6 8:10 – Jenny Chisom: On your last point, so you
advice students to also begin to put up their research information etsc. online
creating their own library just like Google?
2015/11/6 8:24 – You: Yes i agree as it helps the next
generation to have an insight of what our generation is like. If William
Shakespeare could put his experience and knowledge into a paper and now become
a course of study in the university then i believe    my information can also be useful for 100
generations to come. So everybody should note that.
2015/11/6 8:28 – Jenny Chisom: Hmmmnnn so true
2015/11/6 8:20 – Jenny Chisom: What else do you do aside
2015/11/6 8:31 – You: I am a computer engineer at Oworock
computers and also a special education student in the University of Ibadan, Am
also a part time public speaker. And the founder of  Oworock Empowerment an NGO.
2015/11/6 8:32 – You: I also belong to many NGOs as one
thing or the other.
2015/11/6 8:39 – Jenny Chisom: Wow great
2015/11/6 8:40 – You: Thanks
2015/11/6 8:39 – Jenny Chisom: What inspired you to start
your NGO and also study special Education?
2015/11/6 8:52 – You: I attended a main streaming secondary
school where both the ‘ABLE’ and ‘DISABLE’ receive lecture in the same
classroom setting. But though, during that period i don’t have the intention of
studying special education but, to study Mass communications which led me to
join the press club of my school then. But after spending many years at home
after secondary school i discovered that i have become part of them i speak to
the deaf, mobilized the blind and also played with the physical and
intellectual disabled ones this led to the founding of Oworock Empowerment. Yet
i don’t know that there is a course somewhere called special education until
when i obtained my jamb form and discovered that there is a course that can make
me more of what i am and love to be, then i applied for it and that’s how i
started with my course.
2015/11/6 9:14 – Jenny Chisom: Wow
2015/11/6 9:14 – Jenny Chisom: Great
2015/11/6 9:15 – You: Thanks
2015/11/6 9:15 – Jenny Chisom: What is your advice to youths
going by your experiences so far?
2015/11/6 9:16 – You: When we are still a youth then we are
2015/11/6 9:21 – You: I believe that as a youth we have many
innovations running up and down our mind let us make good use of it because
TOMORROW WILL NEVER COME so we have only yesterday for experience and today
change. I remember when i was called to panel for opening a blog for my school,
though the vision of the blog was aborted but my vision for blogging was
challenged. After that now i still blog so every youth should not see today’s
challenge as forever.
2015/11/6 9:22 – You: But a challenge to prepare for greater
2015/11/6 9:24 – You: To upcoming bloggers i believe that
the blogosphere is wide enough to give you an insight of what you can do, so
appreciate anybody around you.
2015/11/6 9:26 – You: I will also add this to the general, there
is ABILITY in disABILITY so they should take everybody important.
2015/11/6 9:27 – Jenny Chisom: Thank you very much Oworock.
You have been a blessing.

2015/11/6 9:27 – You: You are welcome.

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