What is Google plus?

Google plus a social
network of google.com you can use it to connect with friends and customers
round the globe.

My view about G+

Google plus is a very
good social networking site for a blogger because it help in boosting SEO. G+
has many advantages over it disadvantages but yet many bloggers don’t know the
difference. Today i will show you the reason why g+ commenting is not good for
your blogging.
Yesterday when i started
blogging on this blog i discovered that despite the number of my page view i don’t
receive any comment from the post but i received some mail thanking me for the information
and i wondered why many of them can’t show their comment on the post than to
send me a personal mail thanking me about the information on the blog. i was so
curious to know and i have to check what is going on myself, though i don’t
know that there is something wrong until i log off my Google account and check
the blog to see that the Google comment box as override my initial commenting
codes on the blog.
After knowing that i can’t
comment on the blog without having a g+ account i now discovered the reason why
people are sending me a message on my Facebook and personal mail. i quickly
rush to the g+ help page and i discover that only those who use Google plus
account can comment on my blog not just everybody that find the information
very useful to them.

Why you must not use it
on your blog.

Check the picture below
and see what Google says about people who don’t have Google plus account on
your blog

How to remove it

1.     Go to your blog dashboard and select the blog
you want to disable the g+ comments from
2.     On the left side of your dash board then click
on the Google+
3.     Unclick use Google+ comment on this blog

You are done with the
steps and now anybody can comment on your blog.
NB: If you have been
using Google+ comment before and you have many comments in your blog all will
be removed

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Owopetu Abiola is a seasoned blogger, internet marketer, social network expert, movie actor, a writer, a special educator and the lovers of the learners with special needs. He graduated from the University of Ibadan studying Special Education. He is currently a program director at Impactful Generational Leverage Organization (IGLO) an NGO.

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