Alexa Rank

Alexa is a ranking website that gives you how porpular your wesite is in the last three months, this ranking site make use of their tool bar which a browser installed on their browser to measure the amount of the visitors that visited your website.

What is the importance of claiming your site on alexa?

Claiming your site on alexa gives you the right to tell alexa that you are the right owner of the site, when you claim your site then you can add your contact details to the page of your ranking, you can also add your address to the page and this tell people that they can contact you if they want to put some advertisement on your blog for the whole world to see.

Steps to claim to your site

  1. click on the register link and incase yoy have register befoore then login
  2. search for your site in the search box
  3. scroll  to the footer/bottom of the page and click claim site
  4. You will be asked to verify your ownership by implementing a meta code to the html script of your site
  5. After implementation then click on verify you are done.

You can now edit you wesite information just like I did here

Please read  Steps On How To Increase Alexa Ranking and use  the comment box to show your if you get it done easily


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