Make a snap shot without app on any phone and pc

Making screen shot is great because it help you to share whats on your screen to your friends to see that’s why am going to take you through how you can make a screenshot with any phone of PC and share it to your friends to see.
It is very useful for bloggers that want to make a screenshot on the go without any app on their phone or PC.

You can read how to make a screenshot on android here.

The picture at the side of my post now is snapped with the technique am about to share with you today.

Like i said in the beginning of my post that you can use it on any phone like java, Symbian, android, iPhone or even a PC since your phone can browse the internets.

With this technique you can convert your screenshot into a file like JPG, PDF, ZIP, BMP, PNG, PS, SVG, TIFF among others.

  • Save a wikipedia link to PDF file ? No problem !
  • Grab a JPG screenshot ? You can
  • Convert HTML to SVG ? No problem !
  • Need a screenshot of a long vertical web page in 1 click ? Try it !

What is the tool?

The tool is just visit the website and insert the link you want to copy and then download it in any format you want.
 They process your link and convert it to produce a high quality file.
Using their online service helps you get a full page screenshot quickly,
without installing additional software on your PC.

Hints to help you get a great screenshot:

  • Don’t use password protected links
  • Links that need a login can’t work
  • Don’t use local links, for example file:// or c:/… can’t work
  • Prefer the http:// version (if available) for web site using self-signed certificates. Links with valid certificate are ok.
  • Local URL ( for example) can’t work
  • Use JPEG for low quality screenshot and PNG format for higher resolution

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