Mtn CallerFeel is the new mtn service that works just like the Mtn CallerTune and you can make money with this simple CallerFeel by making your caller feel the reason to buy your product whenever they called you.

How is MTN CallerFeel works is being explained here and how you can make it drive trafic to your blog.

To start with send Reg to 50016 and you will get a month free service and the subsequent months will be charged 50 naira per month.

Now to make money with this callerFeel depends totally on your business, if you are a tailor you can make the MTN CallerFeel your bill board by making your caller feel the reason for coming to you for their cloth.

If you are a painter you can also make it all this way to make everybody know that its your profession and you can do it better.

Now to everybody and even to that lazy man (though nobody is lazy since you are reading this) you can make some cash from Nigeria affiliate programs like Konga, Jumia and others just follow the steps bellow and start making the cool money.

  1. Click here to register to konga affiliate program if you have not before (Skip this step if you are already and affiliate marketer to Konga)
  2. Copy your affiliate link ( it looks like this http://konga.com/?k_id=USERNAME) * the username is your Konga affiliate username
  3. Go to goo.gl and shorten your affiliate link and copy it into your clipboard
  4. Regist for the MTN CallerFeel service by sending REG to 50016 as a message
  5. Now compose your caller feel message and add the link you shorten in step 3 and send it to 50016.

Examples of callerFeel messages you can compose are

  • Thanks for calling (put your name), you can buy cheap android phones from konga and pay on delivery just click here (Put the link you shorten in step 3)
  • You can buy this cheap products and pay on delivery just click here (put the link you shorten in step 3)

These are few of many messages you can use to make your callerFeel the reason to patronize your products or affiliate links.

If you have any other idea please share through the comment box below.


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