QuilChat is a social media automation tool, where you can automate your social networks and create a Facebook messenger bot application where you can automatically respond to your customers without much human efforts. QuilChat helps businesses grow with an easy to use automation solutions.

How can I make money from QuilChat?

You have various ways of making money with QuilChat, you can make money creating bots for people and charge for your workmanship, you can do this for people who are interested in automating their social networks. You can also make money selling your products on QuilChat using their e-commerce section which helps you to automate your sales.

But for the purpose of this blog post, I’ll be talking about how to make money with QuilChat Affiliate System. QuilChat Affiliate System is an affiliate section of QuilChat, with this you can make a lifetime commission from every member you refer to QuilChat. QuilChat affiliate helps both users and non users of the website to make money by referring new member to the website.

What is QuilChat affiliate commission?

QuilChat affiliate pays all affiliates a 10% commission on every member they referred to the website. This commission is a lifetime commission, this means once you refer a member, you’ll always get commission whenever that member renew their package.

How do QuilChat pays?

QuilChat pays their affiliates through bank transaction. Also for people who are out of the country, other payment platforms are available on demand from the affiliates.

When will I get paid?

QuilChat pays their affiliates on the first Friday of the following month. This means, if a user makes 10,000 Naira through the affiliate, the withdrawer will be on the next month’s first Friday.

How long does it take to be credited for a referral?

QuilChat credits their affiliates their referral commission 10 days after the referred has paid, this is due to 7 days refund policy on QuilChat.

How do I register for QuilChat affiliate?

To register, kindly visit www.quilchat.com/affiliate and register.

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