Today I will teach you how to remove shortcut virus from
your external drive or flash drive, as we all know that whenever we are caught
with the virus it frustrated us to even format our drive when it turn all our files to shortcut but now in this
tutorial I will teach you how to overcome this problem and have your files up
and running well without formatting and drive.
In case you might be wondering what could cause the virus?
The virus is a virtual basic script that moves from the very affected drive
into any other system which it is inserted (FEAR NOT IF YOU HAVE ANY LATEST ANTI
VIRUS). If you check your task manager as the you will see it running and you
can only remove it with any latest antivirus from 2014 e.g. AVAST! 2014 upward.
Firstly let us stop the script to stop affecting our system.
Go to your taskbar and right click
Select task manager and click on more details
Then click on details
scroll to the bottom of the page and you will
see something like wscript.exe
then select and right click then click end task
The pictures bellow will be very useful examples

Shotrcut antivirusshortcut virus remover

You will need to do this every time you boot your system.

Now to remove the viruses from your flash drive download
Now move it or copy it to the affected drive and open it.
Follow the instruction on the
screen when you open the software
NOTE: Don’t open it on your
system, make sure that you have copy it to the external drive before you open
In case you ran into any problem
please drop your comment bellow I will be glad to help

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