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QuilChat is a social media automation tool, where you can automate your social networks and create a Facebook messenger bot application where you can [...]
Coronavirus also, is known as COVID-19 has caused a global shut down of many economies, this includes the developing and developed countries of the w [...]
The Nigeria premier university, University of Ibadan is presently recruiting into many academic positions in the university. This recruitment cut acr [...]
Are you having issues with INEC recruitment when you reach the upload passport section? then you are going to solve the issue now with the following [...]
3 Amazing Wonders of Virtual Reality and Game IndustryVirtual reality statistics show that as of 2018, there are over 171 million active virtua [...]
HAPPY NEW MONTHWelcome to the month of love, the unique month in the year.We celebrate youIn the month of January, we have many readers [...]
PDF files at times come in different languages, especially when the language is not our mother tongue or language we understand. Translating the lang [...]
To backup MySQL Database might be rigorous at times especially, if you never did it before, or if you are using Cpanel for the very first time.M [...]
Business email address can bring a great impact on your business and also make you look more professional when you are sending business email to your [...]
The year 2019 was a great year for everyone, even the year has its own ups and downs but I believe it was a great one for everyone that crossed over [...]
The most anticipated Big Brother Naija #BBNaija just kicked off today June 30th with new theme PEPPER DEM also written as Pepper Dem with another 21 [...]
At this year’s Google I/O conference, the company made a few strategic moves surrounding its smart-home products. For one thing, the tech giant is reb [...]
There are three basic types of marketing strategies that all businesses, big and small use. All marketing plans can be broken down into one or all of [...]
Deleting all woocommerce product may be a tedious thing to do when you are having thousands of products on your store. Read and learn how to delete al [...]
Windows Phone is Microsoft's latest attempt at making a mobile OS that someone might actually want to use. And this time around, Microsoft seems to h [...]
Many people dream to make money with blog but they rarely have the solid idea of ​​how to do it. You need to take a look at the blogging tips below t [...]
The Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is rolling a new WhatsApp feature that will allow you to select who can add you to a WhatsApp group ch [...]
How can bloggers reach readers? The primary tool that bloggers need today is, of course, email. Email subscribers, email list, so to say. Because emai [...]
Namecheap is one of the giant hosting and domain name registrar in the internet world. The hosting company have been in the industry for almost two d [...]
One of the current hot trends for social media and marketing has been identified as “going live.” What this means is doing a livestreamed, real-time [...]
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