How Photo Blogging Makes You Money?

Many people feel that photo blogging is the most exciting kind of blogging that exists. Building and maintaining a photo blog is no more difficult than creating and updating a text-based blog, and many people feel that the internet’s high speed, full-color technology reaches the pinnacle of its appeal with …

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Watch YouTube Video with Opera on Airtel

watch youtube video on opera with airtel

Watching YouTube video is now trending in Nigeria especially among the females in the present age, different people watch YouTube for different purposes either for entertainment of for learning. To stream YouTube video in Nigeria is not what to write about because of the data consumption of the service in …

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Beginners Proven and Useful Blogging Tips

Most bloggers unable to get the hang of the many blogs they have found. Most of them having a hard time doing on their own. This is natural for many people due to the knowledge and experience when blogging. Here you will find some helpful tips on effective blogging. Blogging …

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Guide for Bloggers on How to Be Happy

Blogger Guides

Dear blogger, Have you gotten up one day and seriously questioned yourself on why you are blogging. Did you notice that you are becoming more and more stressed and less happy? Have you ever considered quitting your blog? It’s normal, I have experienced it too. Blogging, just like any other …

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Tips to Effectively use Widgets in WordPress Website

by In order to make your website more flexible and customized, one can make use of widgets which is an add on feature for your WordPress site that makes your website exactly the way you wanted it to be. This feature was first introduced in WordPress 2.2 version and …

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Effective SEO Tips

SEO has become an indispensable part of online marketing. Effective use of it can make your online business soar while havoc will be caused if not used right. It is important to have a site with great content and look, but it may not be everything. Page ranking in popular …

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