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Samsung’s SmartThings product ecosystem just got a little bigger today, thanks to the company’s announcement of a trio of affordable new products that [...]
Home • PC Game News • Hitman 2 • When Ian Hitman isn’t hitting men, he’s apparently knitting his own cold-weather ensemble. At least, that’s what he s [...]
Google has yet to achieve the same mass market appeal with its Pixel line as Apple has with the iPhone or Samsung has with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Not [...]
Is this the beginning of the end for load screens? By Matt Purslow Sony has patented a new technology that will help remove loading screens from games [...]
The Spotify app for iPhones hasn't offered a way to sign up for a membership in the app itself since 2016.  Taylor Martin/CNET Spotify pays Apple a 15 [...]
The camera in Google's Pixels has always taken some of the best photos in the world of smartphones, but they might be getting some expanded color chop [...]
In March, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission over the so-called “Apple tax” and claims of restrictive rules regardin [...]
Hearthstone will be revisiting some cards from the classic set, Blizzard announced today in a blog post. The goal of these redesigns, retirements, and [...]
too many fingerprints — Tech highlights include laser headlights, lidar, and haptic touchscreens. Jonathan M. Gitlin - Jun 24, 2019 6:12 pm UTC I apol [...]
This week we’re cashing checks in Hitman 2, clashing katanas in Samurai Shodown, and tinkering around in Super Mario Maker 2. Here’s your heads up for [...]
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