Alexa ranking increase tips

Alexa ranking is a ranking tool by one of the world largest e-commerce website, it gives the rank of the website from the highest to the lowest, the lower your ranking the best your site is to the whole world.

You can be thinking that what is an ordinary number has to do with my blog or website from this post you will learn the reason you have to care and how to inprove the ranking of your blog.

Importance of Alexa ranking.

With alexa ranking you will have a potential customer to place a direct advertisements on your blog because they believe they can really have the target they want when they check through your Alexa ranking and they see what your blog is all about.

Through alexa ranking you can know who and who is checking your blog on a daily basis e.g. Their location, age range, what your keywords are and so many more other features.

 How to increase alexa ranking

To increase alexa ranking the first and most important thing to take note of is a good article to keep your blog reader keep coming back to read your blog posts. 

Secondly you need a good backlinks from a blog with a good alexa ranking (You can check back for how to get a good backlink)

You need to make your Seo work perfectly for what you want it to work for e.g. making your desire keywords to show in a search results from the search engines.

Claim your website or blog from

 Alexa ranking is based on the number of visitors having alexa tool bar on their browser then who visits your blog like you do? Nobody then that’s another chance to use your own visit to rank your blog just install alexa ranking tool bar to your browser

Share your link to your social networks

With the above little ranking tips i believe that you can beat your competitors and also smile to some dollars through direct advert on your blog.

Note: with direct advertisements you bill your potential customer at your own price and that’s what make it differ from ppc adverts like adsense.

Apology: this post is been compiled on a low version mobile device, lack of paragraphs and pictorial object is highly regretted.

You can also use the comment box bellow to give more tips that works for you and share the post to your friends on your social networks. You might be a messiah to the good ranking on alexa.


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