Making call is great mostly when you make those calls free in an  way. Today am going to show you how to make free calls to all networks around the world.

To start with you believe that many people are using smart phones this day, yet we are not making our self smart with it. If you are using any type of smartphone then you can partake in this awoof calls to all network and at all time and if you don’t have a smart phone you can buy here and pay on delivery no risk attached.

Now into the business, you can make calls to all network through your data with the following applications..

Whatsapp, many people are using whatsapp now but few people are making use if the calling feature of the application, to make call with whatsapp just scroll to the recipient you want to call and click on the phone icon at the top of the phone, from there you can talk to your friend and families free of charge.

Tango, tango also works the same way as whatsapp but not everybody is using this, with tango you will be given some free credit to call and the best part of it is that you can make video calls too.

BBM, Bbm is a BlackBerry application with a unique features like pin and some other great features like call making. To make a call on bbm then you must have your recipient pin to be able to call that person. The application may required WiFi to make video call.

Viber, you can make unlimited numbers of call to all your cliques with viber and scared not about your phone credit. With viber you only need to have the person’s phone number on your phone and then call by opening the application and check for the contact to call.

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, this same social network is the best to make calls free of charge. I call this call awoof call because its very easy to use. To use the Facebook call is easier than the afore mentioned ways. With Facebook call you can make call to all network and almost all gadgets including laptop and desktop computer. To make call then download the Facebook messenger on your smartphone and then start making free call to everybody around the world.

The listed above ways of free call are what I have used before and very sure of their functions, I will advice you to use 3g and above for the clarity of the call.

Use the comment box bellow to share your experience and any other free call ways you know.


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